Sailing the Aegean: The awe that is Hydra!

No matter how ready you think you are, nothing can ever prepare you for your first morning aboard a sailing yacht. I woke up to strong sunshine glaring down on me, the rhythmic rocking of the boat and loud, excited voices along with the sounds of water splashing. Feeling surprisingly refreshed (despite going to bed at 4 in the morning), I made my way to the top of the boat. Everyone else was already up and in the water, exploring the gentle lagoon our skipper had chosen for our morning swim.

The spot for our morning swim

I remember sitting quietly and just taking it all in – the sun on my face, the gentle breeze, the sounds of “splish-splash” in the water – and I just couldn’t help but compare it to the same time last week (stuck in traffic, en-route to work!).


  • Travel Tip: Once in a while, before your holiday settles into a comfortable grind, ensure that you consciously take time out to revel and appreciate the magnitude of what you are witnessing and experiencing. Say a silent prayer of thanks. This is how conscious memories are made.


Breakfast was fruit, bread and butter, cornflakes with Greek yoghurt and honey, all served on the deck of the yacht. This was going to be our staple breakfast for the next 7 days and even now the taste of cornflakes with Greek yoghurt and honey takes me back to those lazy mornings by the sea.


After breakfast we sailed for a while before stopping again at our lunch stop, where we repeated the cycle – a spot of swimming before enjoying lunch which was cooked by our skipper on board. We had already discussed and devised a system on the first day, whereby every dy one of us would take turn to go and purchase the groceries and the skipper would cook lunch from the fresh ingredients.

The second island on our itinerary was the beautiful island of Hydra. Piece of advice – do NOT miss out on Hydra. The island is gorgeous and it simply mesmerized me with its beauty. There were several yachts parked at the marina, which meant that we had to park alongside another boat and jump across three boats and a barge to reach land. Not exactly ideal, when you are wearing a skirt!

We stopped for a quick gelato (a bargain at Euro 2.50!) and patted and posed with the cute donkeys standing nearby. We didn’t partake in a donkey ride and I would encourage you to avoid it as well, simply because the animals looked tired and a little overworked.

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  • Travel Fact: With a perfect horseshoe shaped port, Hydra lies at a distance of around 69 km from Athens port, easily accessible by yachts, high speed catamarans and ferries. Largely dependent on tourism, Hydra is blessed with numerous bays and natural harbors, and has a strong grip on the maritime culture. This is a vehicle free island.


The beauty of Hydra hits you as soon as you enter the enclosed marina but, trust me, nothing prepares you for the jaw-dropping views as you explore the island on foot. We asked around for the most beautiful spots on the island and happily set off on the path recommended by the locals. They did not disappoint.


This was probably where I first started appreciating the striking beauty of Greece. Whichever way I looked, the sight of iron canons thatched umbrellas against the deep blue sea greeted my eyes. Words cannot describe how beautiful the cliffs are. We put down our cameras and drank in the beauty.


A little way downwards at the bottom of one of the cliffs, we arrived at a gorgeous swim-point with a ladder descending into the sea. As I was the only one who didn’t know how to swim, I was entrusted with the task of safeguarding cameras, wallets and valuables, whilst the rest of my group happily jumped into the water. I happily lapped up the rays of the afternoon sun and drank in the gorgeous scenery.

After an hour of swimming, we decided to head up the cliff again and picked a gorgeous spot for dinner, a cliff-side restaurant with an unobstructed view of the sunset. Although pricey, we decided to sample more of the local cuisine and sampled fried feta cheese, ratatouille, poached king prawns in garlic sauce and sun-dried tomatoes with roasted eggplant. With lively company, the sound of Greek music from hidden speakers and the sunset in the distance, it was a dinner to remember.

  • Travel Tip: Sometimes, do let go and splurge. There are some things which will always haunt you in life – choosing to miss out on a unique memory is one of them. Splurge out for the chance to enjoy a beautiful view, without any worry about being hassled to leave the premises to make way for paying customers. The best memories may not be cheap, but they will certainly be worth it.


Although the rest of the group chose to explore the island nightlife, Sarah (my bunkmate) and I decided to head back to the boat instead to relax and have an early night. We both fell asleep on our pillows and comforters on the yacht deck, and actually woke up around 3 am to move into the bunk itself as it was getting chilly.


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