Napflio- where you can chill like a millionaire, minus the money!

The sound of the anchor being pulled up woke me up to my next beautiful morning in this beautiful country. I happily freshened up and headed up to the deck to (once again!) find myself completely besotted with the GORGEOUS blue sky and the GORGEOUS water! It was just so damn GORGEOUS! I mean, did I mention how GORGEOUS it was? I did? Good! Because, like I said … it was simply nothing short of GORGEOUS!

We made our scheduled swim spot and I happily (because happiness is all that you can experience in a trip like this!) put on my life jacket and jumped into the water. By now I had actually overcome my fear of the water and was actually anticipating the first shock of the cool water once I jumped in!

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Our next spot on the itinerary was the ‘party’ island of Nafplio. However, perhaps because it was the end of summer, we were greeted by the distinct ‘lack’ of party atmosphere. Our skipper directed us to a dilapidated castle which stood at the top of a hill, which mean climbing up the 1000 steps which led us to it. The views from the top indeed did not disappoint! We lingered for an hour and then made our way down.

The climb up actually meant that we were all famished and the group decided on freshly baked island pizza for dinner. Not a massive fan of pizza myself, I stole away for some grilled calamari and fried local mushrooms, joining the group later for desert and fresh sangria, whilst they devoured the pizza.

  • Travel Fact: During the Greek War of Independence, Nafplio was a major Ottoman stronghold and was besieged for more than a year. The town finally surrendered because of starvation. After its capture, because of its strong fortifications, it became the seat of the provisional government of Greece.

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Following dinner, we headed to a cozy bar on the other side of the island. We had to climb down several steps before reaching the edge of the water, but what greeted us made it all worth it. Golden lanterns adorning a gorgeous spot by the water, with comfortable chairs under the stars and the occasion wave crash against the cliff – absolute bliss. ‘This must be what millionaires enjoy on a daily basis,’ is what I thought to myself as I settled in comfortably to the sound of chatter around me and lamented my lack of a decent night vision camera.

  • Travel Tip: Invest in a decent night vision HD camera. You will come across many beautiful sights and scenes, often after dark. Some may even fall into the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ category. It is therefore a wise move to invest in a decent camera to capture these moments.

We spent the rest of the evening there, bonding between ourselves, before retiring to the boat and continuing over a group game of truth and dare – details of which we shall keep mum about (haha!). And, as I retired to bed, I remember excitedly chattering away with my bunkmate Sarah about what surprises lay in store for us the next day!


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