Duta Boutique Villa Yogyakarta: Your ideal base to explore UNESCO attractions of Borobudur and Prambanam!

If you are visiting Yogyakarta, there is a serious possibility that you will be spoilt for choice, when it comes to accommodation. From hostels to fancy hotels to traditional homestays, Yogyakarta seems to have it all! However, Duta Boutique Villa Hotel is in an entire league of its own. The hotel is located snap bang in the center of the tourist district in Yogyakarta. Tamansari Water Castle and the Kraton are a short distance away, and restaurants and bars surround it aplenty. And, this is also the PURRRFECT base to explore the majestic Borobudur and Prambanam – both of which are UNESCO World Heritage attractions!


The exterior is charming, and does a clever job of concealing what lies inside in store for the inquisitive soul. Dragon Ball Z fans will love the cute impression of Goku on a charming miniature becak at the entrance. I was also impressed by the additional security in front of the hotel – it’s always good to know that come hail or emergencies, I’m in a safe place.

Our check-in was done smoothly and with bright smiles. And, after a tiresome journey, that is always a welcome relief. We were shown to our room, which was on the 1st floor of a charming villa right next to the pool (Tip: Room 22 undoubtedly has the best views)!


What I loved about our room at Duta Villa, was the space! Spacious is an understatement, it felt like we were in our own stylish holiday home, not a hotel! We were greeted by an amazing bedroom with two twin beds, facing a large TV on the wall, accompanied with marvelous décor. Honestly, words will never do justice to this place, so I will let the pictures below do the talking instead!


We specifically loved the sofa, the flowers and the writing desk with the lamp in the seating area. More comfortable and very cozy! I actually managed to pen some poetry at that desk, inspired by my time at Yogyakarta.


The painting above the sofa captured my attention on the very first day and still managed to keep me engrossed the entire time I stayed there. There is something very touching about it, and every time I looked at it, I felt that the artist had done a marvelous job of portraying the true “essence” of what Indonesia must have been like a few decades ago. The simplicity…bravo!


I specifically loved the bathroom. It’s massive enough to actually itself be an average hotel room, space-wise. With complimentary amenities, it appeared as if all our needs were covered!


I have to admit that our private balcony was where we spent the majority of our time during our stay. With relaxing easy-chairs and footstools, it was completely soothing to simply sit back with a post-lunch coffee and simply absorb the tranquility! The neighboring fruit and flower trees are a lovely touch, and the constant gurgle of the waterfall by the swimming pool actually managed to lull me to sleep a couple of times!


And although the room itself is so amazing, the grounds are in a league of their own. Perfectly manicured and trimmed, the green aspects of the hotel beautifully showcase the swimming pool in the very center. The pool has a lovely natural shape and the water appears to be recycled efficiently. Two major things I loved about it – the water is actually properly recycled (I had been previously to another hotel in Yogyakarta where the management just kept dumping chlorine and bleaching powder into the stagnant pool, which seemed dirty and unhealthy to me and meant that I stayed away from that other pool!) However, at Duta, I couldn’t wait to jump into the pool and happily move around!


The other thing which pleased me was the depth of the pool. All my other accommodation at Yogyakarta  had pools where the water came up to my shoulders – child friendly perhaps, but not satisfying for a swim. The pool at Duta, however, was perfect with a natural slope. And the gurgling noise from the waterfall – magnifico!!


The evenings were equally amazing. After twilight, the entire place if it up with soft lighting. We were able to sit back in our balcony and enjoy the muted chirping on the crickets and the sight of the occasional fruit bat flying from one tree to another.


There were two miniature waterfall installations in the grounds as well. What I loved about it all was how everything just seemed to be so well-connected. The water from the waterfall would become a rocky stream, which eventually entered at a pond teeming with gold koi fish! The staff was also so helpful – when they saw me engrossed with all the fish, they actually brought me some fish food and asked if I would like to feed the fish. Needless to say, I was one happy bunny!


The fish are also strategically places at several places around the compound, adding to the natural environment of the hotel

This hotel also offers a pretty decent complimentary breakfast for its guests, and the fruit juices are made fresh with fruit from their own trees! I specially loved the ripe guava juice – it was the perfect complement to my cheesy veggie omelette! There were also other traditional Indonesian dishes along with a selection of cereals, but we decided to stick with ‘comfort breakfast food’!


This place undoubtedly remains as my favorite getaway in Yogyakarta!, and I’m so happy that I decided to check in here in Yogyakarta and use this place as a base to explore Borobudur and Prambanam temples. A few blissful days here were definitely the necessary antidote to the weariness of travel and managed to energize me for my flight back home and the dredge of regular work hours!

Check availability at Duta Boutique Hotels on Booking.com NOW at : Duta Boutique Villa!

You can also check out their website here at: Duta Boutique Website The Duta Group has hostels, guest houses and hotels to suit all budget needs! And they are all located a stone’s throw away from each other! More details about their sister concerns are also available at their Website  Duta Boutique Website 

 I was hosted as a guest at Duta Boutique Villas. However, as always, all opinions are entirely my own!

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