Je Jamuran: This ONLY MUSHROOM restaurant in Indonesia is every vegetarian’s dream!

I went to Indonesia with a mission – to sample as much of the local cuisine I could get my hands on! Which is why, when I first heard about the “Je- Jamuran” restaurant from my Indonesian Couchsurfing friend Ined Deni, I just knew that this had to be on my Indonesian food bucketlist!


Located in the Sleman area in the cultural city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia, this restaurant has quickly amassed a loyal following for their unique signature – they ONLY serve mushrooms. That’s right, only mushrooms. To reiterate, ONLY mushroom based cuisine!


The entrance to this restaurant has a lovely ensemble of their mushroom collection, and if you visit during the day, they can also give you a tour of their mushroom farm. Unfortunately we made it there for dinner, so had to miss out of that.

I especially loved their decor. They have constructed a nice photo-op spot for anyone coming into the restaurant. Check out the photos below:

Posing as a mushroom collector
Posing with my beautiful friend Ined Deni
Mushrooms in closeup
Check out that display!

We decided to sample some of the delicacies and I asked my friend Ined to order because she was a pro at this. Having placed our order, we were then informed that it would be half an hour before our food would be served. Without missing a beat, Ined suggested we get fish massages on our feet. I remember staring at her briefly, before I figured out what she meant – in fact, I actually had to follow her and that was when I figured out what she meant: we could actually get a fish feet spa done right there (completely free of charge) whilst we waited for our food!


The minutes passed quickly and before we knew it, our food had arrived! Ined had ordered us a varied selection of mushroom satays, mushroom rendang, crispy friend mushroom tempura, mushroom karedok salad, mushroom foo-yung, mushroom spring rolls and mushroom pasties.



At this point I was literally in food heaven! And with amazing company, dinner just seemed to fly by. We managed to finish all out dishes – Kudos to Ined once again for ordering just the right amount! And the best part of it all was the bill that followed: ALL of this for less than USD 10 ( that’s right: 10 dollars!)

So the next time you find yourself in the vicinity of Yoyakarta (whether it’s to visit Borobudur or Prambanam, or just to chill out in the cultural hub of Indonesia), don’t forget to check out this gem of a restaurant. Your taste buds will thank you!

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  1. WOW! This is amazing! I love mushrooms! And this would definitely be on my list for when I get to Indonesia! Unfortunately that isn’t until 2019 I think lol.


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