Fantabulous Japanese Restaurant “Sushi Samurai” Delights Dhaka Diners in Bangladesh!

If you find yourself in Dhaka (Bangadesh) and suddenly find yourself experiencing an insatiable craving for Japanese food, I have good news for you! Dhaka itself is constantly evolving with their cuisine options and it appears that every week, a new restaurant pops up with a new theme. The reason I’m such a fan of Sushi Samurai in particular is because of their consistency. Initially just starting as an online delivery option, they have now opened up their restaurant branch in Banani Road 11, with the aim to reward their loyal customer base with a sensational dining experience befitting royalty.

What shall I devour first? Hmm….

The first thing that will hit you as soon as you enter is the royalty treatment. With tasteful décor adorning every inch of the restaurant, from the furniture to the doors and the walls, this is a perfect place for a romantic date, a family dinner or celebrating a special occasion.


We started our meal with their trademark Mixed Dimsum – a mouth watering combination of two large pieces of prawn hargao, 2 pieces of sushi siumai and 2 pieces of broccoli cheddar cheese dumpings (because, let’s face it – you can’t escape your vegetables!). This dish is absolutely perfect for sharing – but we won’t judge if you decide to order it just for yourself. Wink, wink.


The perfect starters!

The mixed dimsum aside, we next tasted the “Volcano Roll” – another one of Sushi Samurai’s trademark specialties. Stating that this was mouth-watering is an understatement – this was a feast in itself! Succulent morsels of lobster shrimp fried and dipped into milky mayo and spicy sriracha, then rolled into a filling sushi roll and cut up into convenient bite-sized pieces. These pieces are then roused in a crispy coating and treated to a flame torch to achieve that perfect explosion of textures and flavors.



With so many delectable dishes on the menu, picking a favorite was impossible, but the gorgeous “Nagasaki Ramen” was a close contender. The taste was a perfect fusion of authentic Japanese herbs whilst also ensuring that fans of spicy food would not be disappointed. This dish was an explosion of soft crabstick, juicy shrimp, mixed seafood, grilled beef undercut, salted chicken, turkey bacon, supple tofu, fresh seaweed, tender mushrooms, bright bok choy, spring onion, eggs and succulent fish sandwich. The broth was spicy, the ingredients were unbeatable and the noodles were cooked to perfection.

Soft crabstick, juicy shrimp, mixed seafood, grilled beef undercut, salted chicken, turkey bacon, tofu, seaweed, mushrooms, bok choy, spring onion, eggs and succulent fish sandwich.
We couldn’t wait to dig in!
We just sat and stared at this marvel for awhile…

Another perfect pairing was the “Jumbo Shrimp with Oyster Sauce and Snow Peas”, perfectly accompanied by their “Jumbo Shrimp Wok Fried Rice”. As the titles suggest, the star of both dishes were the Jumbo Shrimp. What I loved most about Sushi Samurai’s role here, was the way they maintained the flavorful sanctity of the Jumbo Shrimp. Many restaurant often are guilty of overcooking the shrimp, leaving it tasteless and elastic. Sushi Samurai’s chefs definitely deserve a round of applause for doing justice to both these dishes with perfectly timed cooking.

“Jumbo Shrimp with Oyster Sauce and Snow Peas”


“Jumbo Shrimp Wok Fried Rice”

The star of the meal, undoubtedly, was the amazing dish of “Wagyu Beef and Scallop Lo Mein”. Every foodie knows the exquisite taste of tender Wagyu Beef and the chefs once again did justice to this dish by ensuring that the Wagyu Beef and the Scallops were grilled to perfection. The Lo Mein was stir fried with the vegetables, accompanied with dark soya and a glimmer of oyster sauce. The simple flavors ensured that the diners could truly appreciate the unique flavors brought to the dish by the Scallops and the Wagyu Beef.

“Wagyu Beef and Scallop Lo Mein”


Enough foodography – let’s dig in?

The final dish on the menu was the “Kung Pao Chicken”. If you are visiting with family or friends, or even your significant other and are looking for traditional comfort Chinese dishes, then this is a safe choice. This dish featured sliced chicken breast, cooked to perfection alongside green peppers, onions and red chillies. And the sauce was the perfect accompaniment, setting of the flavors and bringing forth the “traditional Chinese-food feel”.

Kung Pao Chicken
Fancy a seat at the bar?

Now a meal is never complete without desert (I’m sure you know that saying: “No matter how full I am, I have a separate stomach solely for desert!”). Lucky for us, they even had an amazing choice of deserts and we wasted no time in picking our favorites to sample. Terribly sorry that I don’t have perfect pictures of the deserts, as we simply couldn’t resist and jumped in straightaway (sorry, not sorry *wink wink*)

They may look similar, but I assure you they were both delightfully different!
Sorry, not sorry! *wink, wink*

I’ll end by stating one thing – trust your servers at Sushi Samurai. These folk know what they are doing and once you explain to them exactly what kind of food you would prefer, they would be able to navigate you and recommend the exact items which will not disappoint!

Enjoying the sunshine following a satisfying meal!

Any questions or comments? Do let us know in the comments below!

Check Sushi Samurai’s Facebook Page HERE (for their amazing deals) and their website HERE for their updated menu and contact details. Also, did I mention that they also deliver via HUNGRYNAKI and FOODPANDA ?

 I was hosted as a guest at Sushi Samurai. However, as always, all opinions are entirely my own!


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