Practical 7 Day Philippines Itinerary for Sardine Run, Turtle Swimming, Snorkeling, Kawasan Waterfalls Canyoneering, Whalesharks, Zipline, Bohol Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River Cruise and Shopping!

The Philippines are made up of over 7,600 islands. You can spend months here, and there will still be something new to see. Unfortunately, sometimes our work only allows us the luxury of taking a week off for travel. With that in mind, Feetpin Travel brings to you our recommended 07 Day itineraries series. This particular itinerary focuses on Sardine Run, Turtle Swimming, Snorkeling, Kawasan Waterfalls Canyoneering, Whalesharks, Zipline, Bohol Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River Cruise and Shopping!


Day 1:

Land in Cebu. Sort out necessary practicalities i.e. SIM card, etc. Check into hotel, rest. Explore Cebu nightlife and grab a decent dinner.

If your flight lands early and you have time, try to visit one or more of the following attractions: Temple of Leah, Sirao flowers farm, 10,000 Roses, Taboan Pasalubong Area, etc.

Day 2:

Start in the morning and take the morning bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Moalboal. It’s a 3 hour journey and a pleasant one. Both non air-conditioned and air-conditioned buses head there. Fares vary from 150-200 pesos per person. Seats are comfortable.

Once you reach Moalboal check into your accommodation and relax for the rest of the day. You will need your energy for the next day, trust me!

Day 3:

Do the Moalboal Tour – pick up from hotel will be at 5.30-6.00 am. Your tour operator will firstly take you to the Environment Office for a briefing and to pay the 200 peso environment fee. After that, your first stop will be Pescador Island for amazing underwater snorkeling. If you’re lucky you will also spot dolphins!

Next two stops will the stop for Sardine Run and then Turtle Point, after which you will return to the mainand, change into dry clothes and have breakfast. After breakfast, start for Kawasan falls Canyoneering. This is around 30 minutes away from Moaboal, without traffic. The entire Kawasan Falls Canyoneering experience will take around 3-5 hours (depending on level of fitness). Ask your guide (in advance) that you would like to relax and watch the falls for a bit before returning back to Moalboal (it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience anyways!).

Return back to Moalboal, shower and immediately head to Oslob (even if you’re tired). To head to Oslob, catch a bus to Bato first (2 hours journey) and then take a taxi/tricycle/another bus/motorcycle to Oslob. Ask them to take you directly to the Whaleshark Snorkeling Point and book into a hotel around that area.

Day 4:

6 am wakeup call – Whaleshark Snorkeling it is! The Govt. fee was 1000 pesos in January 2018, per person.

Once you are done with the Whaleshark snorkeling, get back to your accommodation, shower and have breakfast. Ask your accommodation to arrange transport to the Bohol Boat-point (this is the spot from where the boat will take you to Bohol). Your transport to here should cost 150-200 pesos each. The boat will charge you 1000 pesos per person (cost in January 2018). You will be exhausted by then so feel free to stretch out in the middle of the boat and sleep – it’s a 2 hour journey.

Once you reach Bohol (Panglao), grab a tri-cycle to your accommodation (Steffi’s Place). Book in advance because this place gets sold out quickly. Rest and relax. Ask the owner to arrange your Bohol Countryside Tour for the next day for 400 pesos per person (excluding attraction fees).

Day 5:

Do the Bohol Countryside Tour. Attractions will include: Tarsier Sanctuary, Chocolate Hills, Loboc River Cruise, Zipline, etc. Take extra cash with you, because attraction fees are not included within the cost of transport (the 400 Pesos mentioned earlier).

Get back to accommodation around 5-6 pm. Watch a magnificent sunset, have dinner and don’t forget to join the “Gossip Chillout Zone” – people here socialize till 1-2 am, and you can admire the amazing stars in the night sky.

Day 6:

Wake up late in the morning, have a leisurely breakfast, swing on the hammocks and take it easy till lunch time. Head to Alona beach for some relaxed sunbathing and to watch the sunset. After sunset, make your way to the Ferry Port and get a Ferry going to Cebu. Last ferry is at

Reach Cebu, check into hotel, have dinner and rest.

DAY 7:

Free day for end-of-trip shopping – head to SM Mall, it’s reasonably big and well priced too. Browse and shop to your heart’s content, catch a movie perhaps, grab lunch there.

Once you’re finished with shopping, head to a Spa and get pampered with a decent Shiatsu and foot massage (we recommend the Nuat Thai Spa).

Dinner, then back to hotel/ or check out the Cebu nightlife.

DAY 8:

Bid goodbye to the Philippines and catch your flight back home.


The days have been broken down into easy segments, so feel free to omit any of the days and adjust accordingly if you have fewer days available in the Philippines. Also – keep in touch regularly with your tour operators – Book your tours from MOALBOAL PISCADOR ADVENTURE reachable on Facebook or at 09974327557 if you want to avoid doing this on your own and want to avail a Cebu Customized Packaged Tour from him.




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