Designer & Brand Shopping at Rumah Mode Factory Outlet: THE place to shop, whilst in Bandung!

The beauty of Bandung lies in its element of relaxation, and for many that gives plenty of time for…shopping! There are several ways and places to shop in Bandung. In fact, many locals from Jakarta usually drive down to Bandung over the weekend, just to ensure that they get their shopping done. The reason for this is simple – Bandung has the most factory outlets in all of Indonesia! You may be wondering what “factory outlets” actually are. Factory Outlets are stores where good, specifically surplus stock, is sold directly by the manufacturer. So, if you’re looking for your fix of your favorite brands like Gucci, Chanel, Hugo Boss or Armani, these are the spots for you!

With this is mind, we also decided to make our way to a factory outlet during our stay at Bandung, and we put it in our list of priorities. However, being pressed for time (only 3 days to explore Bandung), we decided that our options were limited and decided to just pick one. A quick search over the internet quickly listed “Rumah Mode”, which happened to be a favorite amongst expats and locals. With this in mind, we decided that Rumah Mode was going to be our spot to hit during the Bandung trip.


Getting to Rumah Mode is surprisingly easy. We used Grabcar to get there, but Uber and taxis are always also a good option. From the outside, it looks relatively deceptive, almost like a quiet private estate in the suburbs.

Entrance to Rumah Mode
It looks relatively deceptive, almost like a quiet private estate in the suburbs

Inside is a different story! The space immediately following Ruman Mode’s entrance has a buzz, a suppressed air of excitement that makes you itch to begin your exploring. We decided to start with their Bags and Shoes segment and explored and shopping to our heart’s content. The collection was satisfying, with enough to keep us occupied with respect to brand diversity and discounted deals. Time flew by and it was an hour later that we emerged victorious, shopping bags in hand.

I fell in love with the relaxation facilities at Rumah Mode. It didn’t really matter even if individuals were not interested in shopping, we saw many folks just ‘chilling out’ and relaxing in the grounds, the cafe and the restaurant! And the fishies! Who can forget those colorful fishies!! After Yogyakarta, they were a welcome surprise and delight once again.


Risoles and Ice Coffee
A tad expensive for light snacking
Hello pretty fishies!

Rumah Mode also had their clothing section, but that did not appeal to us very much as we had spotted better qualities elsewhere in Bandung, with respect to clothes. However, I have to admit, their shoes, wallets and bags were top notch. And their mannequins were entertaining as well!

Cute courtyards hidden all over the grounds!
Beautiful craftsmanship
One of the many shopping buildings!

All in all, if you’re pressed for time and on the lookout for branded wallets, shoes and bags, Rumah Mode is a safe bet if you only have enough time to visit one factory outlet. If you have the time and privilege to visit more factory outlets, please do drop me a line and let me know so that I can pass the news on and also add it in my trip-list for the next possible trip to Bandung!


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