Evening Chill Spot in Bandung, Indonesia: Wiki Koffie – where you can Chill, Eat, Chill, Drink, Chill, Repeat!

Wiki Koffie was, undoubtedly and indisputably, my favorite place to “chill” in Bandung! We were extremely lucky to discover this place on our very first evening in Bandung, when we were searching for a quick meal and walked into this place on a whim, and we loved it so much, we actually decided to come back here two more times! Three times in three days, if that doesn’t display fascination, I don’t know what does!

Live Band entertains us with some cool tunes!
Happy faces, happy smiles!

I loved EVERYTHING about this place – the crowd, the ambiance, the cute ‘artsy’ decorations all around, the silly spelling mistakes on their board… I loved all of it. However, what I loved the most was the ‘vibe’. This place had a mixture of students and locals within the crowd, and I could actually forget about all of my stress and worries, whilst I soaked in the atmosphere.

Such chilled out vibes!
Chicken Katsu, Spaghetti Bolegnese and two yummy Milkshakes to wash it all down!

Although a lot of the restaurants in Bandung usually hire musicians for the evening, the musicians at Wiki Koffie actually managed to engage their audience. What started for us as a short meal for half an hour, eventually stretched for 90 more minutes, and we finally departed 2 hours later! Still buzzing the next morning, we decided to head back to Wiki Koffie for a bite to eat for lunch. Once again, they did not disappoint!

Yummy Burgers and Chips!
Our “LIGHT” lunch!
That garlic break really hit the spot!

Because Indonesian bananas are pretty famous and banana concoctions a favorite amongst the Indonesian foodies, I decided to try all three of their Banana twist concoction drinks. And, I have to admit, they did not disappoint! We decided to indulge in comfort food once again, during our last night in Bandung and headed there for some comfort food. I was blown away by their hospitality and level of service – our waiter actually ran out and tracked us down because we had forgotten some of our shopping bags from Rumah Mode over there! 

No matter what time we went, this place was always buzzing!
Chicken Thai Green Curry, Baked Tuna Casserole and Saucy Meatballs (with Oreo and Vanilla Milkshakes!)

Undoubtedly, exceptional. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on this spot when you make your way to Bandung!


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