05 Best Sunset Spots at Magical Santorini (Greece)

Most tourists make the mistake of visiting Santorini as part of a day trip, whilst sailing around Greece. Others make the mistake of simply visiting for a couple of days, hurriedly checking out as many spots as they can and watching the famous sunset at Oia. Me? I’m different. And I suggest you start being different too…at least as far as Santorini is concerned.

8 Bucket List Travel Destinations for 2018!

With 2018 just starting up, the avid and restless traveler in me is positively bubbling with excitement at all the exciting travel possibilities that the new year has yet to offer. With that in mind, we have compiled a bucket list of all the amazing destinations that have caught my eye towards the end of 2017 – here’s hoping that this list what it should do – inspiring you to travel!

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